Variety of voting booths, stickers, boxes, etc.

Ballot Boxes

Ballot Boxes - One end has ballot slot opening for ballot depositing. It has a hinged flap to cover the slot and may be locked at cessation of voting. The other end has a hinged door that allows easy access to all ballots by voting officials. Containers can be easily stacked for storage.

Voting Booths

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Voting Booths - With the Select Duo voting booth you get two voting booths for the price of one! The innovative design (patent pending) of the Select Duo allows you to set up the voting stations in a variety of different orientations to meet the needs of your voting location.


Rak-n-Roll - The Rak-n-Roll is a heavy duty, light weight, compact and mobile solution to your ES&S iVotronic storage dilemma.


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Auto-Kart - The AutoKart reduces the necessity of of lifting an AutoMart, precinct ballot scanner and ballot box from up to eleven times to just one time. That one time is when the equipment is received from the manufacturer at the warehouse.